Good food. Good friends. Good times.

The Red Sofa Cafe opened at the beginning of 2012 as an extension of the already popular and well established Red Sofa DVD store. Since opening, the cafe has gone from strength to strength and has quickly become an integral part of the Vredehoek cafe culture.

But First Coffee

Cafes have always been a hot spot for the “movers and shakers” who like to stay connected and work on the go and our establishment is no different. For this reason we offer free, fast wifi as well as power points so you can charge your battery while you work.

Cafe Entrance

For those of you just looking to relax and have a good time our cafe is the perfect spot to knock back a couple cold ones, snack on some great food, listen to a mix of vibey tunes, and feel like you’ve finally found that “home away from home” you’ve always wanted.


We’re happy to say our group of loyal regulars is growing all the time and we not only attribute this to our fantastic menu or our fast and friendly service, but also due to building relationships with our customers so we know exactly what you want and how you want it.

We are open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week serving a wide selection of meals and your favourite choice of Deluxe coffee.



“A favourite haunt for the local freelancers – free wifi wins friends, for sure – and the semi-suburbanites, the weekday crowd is mostly familiar faces.”

“It's a place where there are friendly smiles, the barista knows how you like your coffee, the Wi-Fi is fast and the food is reasonably priced but special.”

"They decided to open up a cool space together, where they could just hang out with friends, drink some coffee and eat good food, which is exactly what Red Sofa café is. It has that small-town, everyone-knows-everyone vibe.”

“ It’s got this sort vibe where everybody chats and chills like they’ve been forced to sit on the same sofa...They’ve got about every breakfast you can imagine, and I can guarantee you, they’re all wholesome and fresh”

“Red Sofa is popular because: they’re open from 7am, they have WiFi passwords like ‘baconroll’, their coffees automatically come with a double shot of espresso, their veranda has views of Table Mountain, and their cheesecake is said to be unmissable.”